Week 2: Step in to Better Health

Some people manage to make changes to their exercise pattern, diet, and unhealthy habits with ease. As for the rest of us, we will try to make changes, but this will require support, encouragement, and patience. Check in every week and let’s try to get started together. The idea is to take reasonable and manageable steps. 

The eight-week plan is so simple, it can be started at any time. There is no need for special equipment, cool clothes, tons of money, or even special skills to get a good workout, and exercise doesn’t have to be a big, scary, sweaty deal. However, the human body requires physical activity in order to operate properly: this is one of life’s non-negotiables and the positive benefits of daily movement cannot be replaced. It may feel challenging at first but stick with it and in a couple of weeks your walks, jogs, and resistance training will all feel much easier.
Like so many of us, at least during the past pandemic year has been isolated, sedentary, and filled with a diet of more carbs than fruits and vegetables. Let’s face it, it will take time to reset our bodies and restore or include better health habits as we move out of a pandemic and into the beautiful spring weather and a healthier world.

 This is the absolute perfect time to “Step into Better Health”. 

If you haven’t started the jumpstart toward fitness- take that 10 -minute walk today. If you have started the eight-week plan, remember you are aiming for the 17-minute mile. Great start!


Did you Know…

The soda you are drinking might be making you chubby.

“Tufts University reports that many soda lovers are actually drinking more calories than they are eating. Soda contains lots of sugar, sometimes disguised as corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, or malt syrup. So read your beverage’s nutrition information, and decide if you really want to gulp, rather than munch, the calories in your lunch. Choose seltzer water with a little lemonade, pomegranate or other fruit juice, or make a container of H20 your new favorite accessory.”