Create Your Own Challenge

Fitness challenges are being promoted to appeal to just about any special interest; to raise money for causes, to initiate fitness programs, weight loss , improve health, to meet a physical or mental challenge. Whatever the reason the result is the same- our bodies benefit – we get moving. One Challenge has caught my attention because it fits into our ongoing Step Into Fitness Plan- challenging individuals to walk, jog, run, cycle or skate. for 50k or 31 miles by Labor Day.

Sound like a lot- well if you drill down into those miles it is really easy to do. As a matter of fact, it under estimates what you are normally achieving in the course of a typical day.

The average person has a stride of approximately 2.3 ft which translates into approximately 2000 steps in a mile. Those folks that are aiming for the 10,000 steps a day are averaging around 5 miles a day( By simply walking 3 miles a week for the 11 weeks’ remaining until Labor Day, there is ample time to meet the challenge, Step into Fitness, and lean into better health. Why stop there ? Aim to add 500 steps each week! By Labor Day, you will have exceeded your expectations.

While you are at it, don’t forget to log your water intake. There is a handy log for noting your activity, your water consumption (6-8 8oz glasses minimum per day) If you keep up with the day recommended amount you will reduce your risk of dehydration and aid in weight loss, and it’s great for your skin.
Among the many consequences of the COVID pandemic one of the most widespread, estimated at 40.9% of adults in the U.S., is the national omission of routine healthcare during the crisis which has led to increases in weight control, hypertension, cholesterol, prediabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes ( These red flag conditions increase the risk of more serious chronic health conditions and the can be treated. You have the tools to begin the change for a better future.
It’s a great time to take advantage of the fresh fruit and vegetables aplenty and start the important adjustments to a more heart healthy diet.

Enjoy the outdoors